Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and the rest of his Spotlight team celebrated their 1st year Anniversary with another LIVE television broadcast over Sonshine Media Network International.

Launched in an almost impromptu manner in 2018 when Pastor Apollo gathered some of the Kingdom’s young ministers together and went on air, SPOTLIGHT remains unique both in its format and its effect on viewers worldwide.

Always unapologetic when answering the toughest questions, SPOTLIGHT delivers spiritual truths that hit back hard and knock-out attackers of the Son.

In SPOTLIGHT, Pastor Apollo has an answer to every single accusation thrown his way. While he is earnest and very serious when discussing the Word of God on one hand, Pastor’s very candid humor on the other hand makes every SPOTLIGHT episode electrifying, mind-blowing, and even shocking – guaranteed to knock religion out of every sincere listener.

SPOTLIGHT is one of the highest rating of Pastor Apollo’s TV programs, drawing the curious, the skeptical, the sincere listener, the honest seeker, and the basher. 

But as Pastor Apollo said in his program tonight, “These bashers are helping me. When they bash me, the more people are curious about me. And so they go to their cellphones, they watch me and then they are enlightened.”

“Today, you cannot fool people anymore,” Pastor Apollo declared. “People can now distinguish between what is truth and what is deception. So bashers, I will not tell you STOP! But to GO on!”

Thousands have already been enlightened through Pastor’s SPOTLIGHT program. Fans and followers alike are looking forward to another exciting year of the Father’s fresh Manna of Revelation delivered in such a direct, relentless and spot on way.

Congratulations, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy for a successful one year run of SPOTLIGHT!

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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