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Pastor ACQ to his detractors: “I am here to win!”

Before a worldwide audience of millions, of both followers and foe, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God said in his Give Us This Day program recently, “I am here to win!” His relaxed and confident mien was a slap to the face of those detractors who have...

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Pastor Apollo explains the Kingdom Commonwealth

Speaking to the delegates of the 23rd International Kingdom Leader’s Convention (IKLC), Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy discussed at length about the structure and nature of the Kingdom Commonwealth, and how the Father’s Kingdom Nation is being managed. Soundly and fully...

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Kingdom Leaders offer Tribute to the King of Kings!

An ingathering of faithful sons and daughters of the Father is happening in the New Jerusalem, the Father Almighty’s spiritual capital established upon the earth.   It is the 23rd International Kingdom Leaders Convention of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, an awaited...

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The bottom line: loyalty – PACQ

Known for messages that go straight to the point and target the bull’s eye, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy underscored in his preaching today that in the Kingdom the bottom line of faith is always one’s loyalty and obedience to the Almighty Father. His preaching, broadcast...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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