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Pastor Apollo welcomes new batch of sons and daughters

Thousands of angels rejoice over the multitude of souls that has found their way back into the Almighty Father's Kingdom Nation. Sons and daughters took their first act of faith and enlisted themselves as one of the Father's spiritual Army of Goodness during the...

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Pastor Apollo fellowships with the OLA of Davao

The senior citizens of the Kingdom showed unity and camaraderie through a spiritual gathering held at the KJC Cathedral, Davao City, last July 9, 2018, called "Orange and Lemon Night". This was a very special occasion because it was hosted for all of the elderly but...

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The first step to spiritual growth: Know yourself

Millions of people all over the world once again received the life-changing message of enlightenment as the Almighty Father speaks through His audible voice, the one commissioned to save mankind from the bondage of sin and the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C....

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King is Coming Tour 2019 - Bacolod

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