Pastor Apollo broke ground once more with new manna of revelations on Give Us This Day, his nightly program on SMNI. This time he mesmerized the world by saying that there are 20 dimensions of faith.

Pastor Apollo explained that these levels of spiritual understanding are the reason why so many people call him crazy; why they say his claims are blasphemous and delusional.

“It is because they are have the basest of spiritual understanding – they are in the level of the diabolic, the carnal, the religious, and the worldly,” said Pastor Apollo. “Unless it is revealed to them, they will never understand spiritual knowledge and wisdom.”

Furthermore, he said that these spiritual knowledge are secrets of the Lord revealed only to the faithful. As he had discussed many times, he reiterated that these are not for meant for the goats, but only for the Father’s sheepfold.

Reviled for everything that he preaches – from his title as the Appointed Son, to his message of repentance, to his announcement that he is the owner of the world –  Pastor Apollo has been called the most vilified of men. Yet, he laughs it all off as part of the ministry of the Son of God.

He stated that Jesus Christ is the Jewish setting suffered the same.


Today, in his primetime program, he declared that those who attack him, accuse him, and judge him because of anger and hate, do so because everything they have inside is demonic and diabolic.

“What they have inside is Satan Lucifer, the devil. When they do not understand something, they go crazy, they get mad, so they rage and they curse me,” Pastor Apollo explained. “They are in the first dimension of spiritual understanding, the diabolic.”

“At the second dimension, are the carnal. All they see is the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh; and they judge me with their carnal mind,” he expounded.

“Next are the religious,” Pastor Apollo recited. “They have a zeal of God, but have never come to deeply understanding His Will. Their knowledge is only up to acknowledging that there is a supreme being.”

He underscored that a man only begins to have faith, which is knowledge of God, when he reaches the fourth dimension – infancy, the third dimension.

“At the fifth level, man begins to hunger for the knowledge of God and His righteousness. His heart is open,” disclosed the Appointed Son. “The Father gives him the wisdom and understanding to receive His commandments and statues, after which he reaches the sixth level – the dimension of becoming spiritually responsible for all the spiritual knowledge he has accepted, received and understood.”

“At this point, a son or daughter ceases to be a failure, but is given the spirit of overcoming,” asserted the beloved Pastor.

“At the 7th level,” Pastor Apollo continued, “is the dimension of becoming more than a conqueror.”

Here, he described, a man becomes a soldier of the Father, able to solve the problems of others. He is never tired, but is happy to work when there is work to do.

“The Father will give him the spirit of endurance and indefatigability,” Pastor Apollo contended.

At the 8th dimension, he affirmed, a man is given the power of productivity.

“He becomes fruitful, and bears fruit without hardship. He is able to reproduce what God wants in this life. Wherever he goes he bears fruit. “He is given that power to magnetize people to what he says,” said the Son.

At the 9th level, a son and daughter climbs to the level of the miraculous. “To him nothing is impossible. He views all things in the perspective of possibility. He is already one of great faith, an overseer in the sight of the Almighty,” expounded Pastor Apollo.

Even more than this, is the 10th dimension, where a man climbs to the level of becoming a hero of faith, elite in the eyes of God, declared the Son. “This is the word made flesh. Everything he says manifest in the physical realm. And so he is careful about what comes out of his mouth, because everything he says must build-up.”

Pastor Apollo then revealed the 11th dimension, which is ownership of everything.

“At this level, a son or a daughter is given the knowledge, the wisdom, the feeling that he is the owner of all things. He and the Father become inseparable – he is in the Father and the Father is in him. What he has is the Father’s and what is the Father’s is his, like the Appointed Son.”

At this point, Pastor Apollo ended his enumeration, and promised to reveal the other dimensions of faith at a later date. He also divulged that he himself is already at the 19th dimension of spiritual understanding. Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is leader of a growing 7-million strong congregation of faithful sons and daughter of the Father all over the world. His ministry, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which he calls the Kingdom Nation, is touted as the fastest growing congregation in the world.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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