Before a worldwide audience of millions, of both followers and foe, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God said in his Give Us This Day program recently, “I am here to win!”

His relaxed and confident mien was a slap to the face of those detractors who have been attacking the world renowned spiritual leader over social media.

New threats to “expose” anomalies and crimes allegedly committed by the Appointed Son of God have come to light recently, but the good pastor is calm, unimpressed and unaffected by it all.

Lightly laughing and cool as a cucumber, he addressed the global community: “The Father Almighty did not make me the Appointed Son of God to lose. I came here to win!”

During the three hour TV broadcast, Pastor Apollo affirmed the indestructible, abiding and everlasting nature of the Kingdom of God on earth and his calling as the Son, the inheritor of all things.

“The Father knew from the very beginning that this spiritual ministry will be buffeted in the world. He knew I will be facing insurmountable weapons of the enemy trained incessantly against me, so He has produced a Son out of me. And a Son will stand for the Father no matter what,” he stressed.

In soft assertion to the people of God, Pastor Apollo confirmed, “So do not worry about the Son. I will not fall. I have passed all the tests with flying colors. No weapon formed against me will prosper.”

Pastor Apollo assured sons and daughters all over the world, his faithful viewers and listeners, that the Son is backed by a heavenly host of angels that are loyal to the throne of God. He called the traitors against the ministry as Lucifer, once an archangel of God, but who became the devil because of greed and overwhelming pride. 

“They have the spirit of Satan Lucifer the devil in them, the same spirit of Judas Iscariot, who sold the Son of God for 30 pcs of silver,” he expounded.

“So, that battle has been raging since the beginning, even until now and it is getting stronger and greater every moment of the day, because Satan knows that his days are numbered, and that I have already overtaken over the world and the world in now in my hands,” declared Pastor Apollo.

He called all this maligning, smear campaigns, defamation, betrayals and what not as the “last ditch effort” of the enemy to overthrow his ministry, but to no avail because in the spiritual timeline of the Father, Lucifer is already defeated, and the Kingdom of the Father has already won.

“Nothing and no one can stop this ministry. It is marching onward and forward. The sentinels of light are pulling up while the territories of darkness and being pulled down and destroyed,” pronounced Pastor Apollo.

He warned the Kingdom nation that the devil’s tactic nowadays is to attack God’s people by attacking him and sowing doubt in their mind.

“So when you hear things said against me, protect your faith,” he underlined. “You have to fight against it, you have to be the one to stand against it; you have to conquer it because I will not be hit by those arrows of the devil. I am shielded, I am protected, I am covered.”

“But when the devil attacks me and my ministry, it is not me that he is actually attacking, it is you,” he continued.

Pastor Apollo concluded by saying, “So be strong, stand up and fight against the wiles of the devil. You not only defend yourself by faith, but you have to take the offense by cutting off all the attacks of the enemy against your soul.”

The Give Us This Day episode ended with the usual rejoicing and sense of  victory and jubilation as the studio audience and those joining over the airwaves celebrated the Father’s goodness and love in their lives through His beloved and Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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