World famous television evangelist, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, held a victorious special Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation at the F.L.DY Coliseum in Cauayan City, Isabela as part of his renowned King is Coming Tour for the year 2019.

The venue was filled with an overflow crowd of Kingdom citizens, televiewers, Covenant Partners and sympathizers from all over the province of Isabela who came to hear the true message of deliverance as preached only by the Appointed Son of God.

During his preaching, Pastor answered many of the most frequently asked questions about His Ministry, among which is why there is an Appointed Son of God.

He reminded everyone to focus on the issues of eternity because the issues of eternity are the only true issues of life.

“Anything that is temporal is a dream because it will all pass away,” said the beloved pastor, “but anything that is eternal is real. Your soul is real and your soul is in need of salvation.”

He stressed that the only way to be saved is to repent by making a promise and saying, “From now on, not my will but Thy Will be done Father in my life” and to receive and obey the Father’s Will found in His Word. 

He commended the province for having the motto “Thy Will Be Done”, the words prominently displayed as a gigantic landmark atop one of the hills upon entrance into the province, saying that Isabela is truly blessed of the Almighty Father.

At the end of the special worship presentation, Pastor Apollo received several special awards coming from the different municipalities and cities around the province, an expression of their appreciation for Pastor’s selfless service, exemplary leadership, and his notable contributions to the youth and to the environment in the region. The different local government thanked Pastor Apollo for blessing the people of Isabela with his presence and choosing the province to be part of his King is Coming Tour 2019.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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