In another soul-searing 3-hour exhortation, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy once again discusses the inviolability of the Father and Son Relationship – that is the relationship between the Father Almighty, the Creator and His Appointed Son.

He cautioned and warned those who insists on maligning him that their time is up. The Father will no longer tolerate the vicious and malignant attacks on the Appointed Son. Those who insist on doing so despite the evidence of 33 years of the Son’s goodness are treading dangerously into the unforgivable sin, which is the sin against the Holy Spirit of God.

Pastor Apollo tells the whole Kingdom Nation of the Father, those listening inside the octagon-shaped KJC Cathedral in Davao City, Philippines, and the millions tuning-in all over the world via television or the internet, that the Father talked to him in very early hours of June 17.

In this angelic visitation, the Father told him that the Father has a New Name, the name of the Son, and this Name should never, ever be spoken of in vain. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said, “Never, never use the New Name of the Father in vain. Never, never use that New Name in a negative way. Don’t talk about that Name in a negative way. That is not my Name anymore. That is His Name.”

The Warning

“He that is spiritual judgeth all things but he himself is judged of no one,” said Pastor Apollo.

He warned his detractors that when they abuse him and his name, they are no longer doing it to him, but to the Spirit of the Father.

After 33 years of bearing the abuse and slander, justice has finally come for the Appointed Son.

He reminded his listeners that no one has the right to judge the Appointed Son because their judgment will always be carnal.

He explains that as the first spiritual man, the first from the fallen Adamic race to be free of the serpent seed, he became the Appointed Son of God. He became a spiritual man. Those who have not become like him, are carnal.

“The serpent seed is the bottom line of your judgment,” he tells them. “That is why you do not have a right to judge me because you are not spiritual. Your judgment will always be carnal.”

“But when I judge you and correct you, my judgement and correction are always spiritual,” he says.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy then reminds all those listening to him that it was the Father who called him, who judged him, who justified him, and sent him to the world. Not to be judged by men but for him to judge all men.

“That is my right,” he said.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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