The Metro Toronto Convention Center was jam-packed with ethnically diverse people and excited televiewers, sympathizers, walk in visitors, as well as Kingdom members coming from the Kingdom Light Congregations of Toronto last October 1, 2017 as the Executive Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy visits Toronto, Ontario, Canada in his regular King is Coming Tour.

After the triumphant King is Coming Tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy embarked to another victorious special live Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Everybody was excited to see Pastor Apollo and receive spiritual blessings and the manna of revelations coming from the Appointed Son. They could not contain their gratitude, and lifted up their thanksgiving to the Almighty Father.

In time for the big gathering, the Keepers Club Youth Orchestra in Toronto also had their moment in glorifying the Father through their soulful melodies and music.

After delivering the Fresh Manna of Revelations of the Almighty Father, Pastor Apollo offered a special prayer of thanks and bestowed blessings to all those who have attended the special thanksgiving and worship presentation.

Indeed, there’s no stopping of the proliferation of the message of deliverance unto all the world, as Pastor Apollo continues to bring the real and only true message of enlightenment and salvation from the bondage of Sin, commissioned to him by the Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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