Reverend Executive Pastor Doctor Fellow Apollo C. Quiboloy was conferred Patron status in a Special Global Convocation and Investiture Ceremony and Crowning by the Royal Institution Singapore (RI), September 3, 2019.

RI Singapore is a prestigious international accrediting body that recognizes exemplary professional, social and civic achievements by individuals around the world.

The special event was held at the KJC Hall, Jose Maria College Compound, in Davao City, Philippines, with the theme “Global Citizenship as a Platform for Universal Peace.”


To witness the special investiture ceremony, gracing the event was 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and 4th Conferred Patron of RI Singapore, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Also present were the officials of the Jose Maria College, the event organizer, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Board of Directors, officials and honorary fellows of RI Singapore, as well as the leaders of the Kingdom work worldwide.

During the event, Pastor Apollo’s 11 Honorary Doctoral Fellow titles were recognized in the fields of Education, Environment, Human Resource, Humanities International Relations, Management, Mass Communication, Philanthropy, Social Work, and one special citation as Ambassador for Peace.

The title of Patron is the highest appointed titles that Royal Institution Singapore can confer to any person. It is awarded to individuals who possess, among others, exceptional ethical leadership skills, is at the epitome of success in their field, and thus worthy of emulation by humanity. Awardees must also be concerned with the quality of life of the masses, and must support programs for the protection and the preservation of nature and the environment, all of which Pastor Apollo checks all boxes and more. 

To become a Patron, Pastor Apollo automatically becomes an Adviser of the International Senior Advisory Council of RI Singapore.

In his acceptance speech, Pastor Apollo dedicated his honorific titles to the Kingdom Nation, saying that “In the final analysis, my titles are actually your titles because my victories are your victories, and my blessings are likewise your blessings from the Lord Almighty.”

Pastor Apollo said that the award serves as an additional motivation, not only for himself, but for the multitude of members of the Kingdom to continue the works that the Kingdom has been doing for the good of fellowmen. He called it “a lasting reminder that the Kingdom is in the right path towards creating a better tomorrow.”

In expounding the theme, “Global Citizenship as a Platform for Universal Peace,” Pastor Apollo stressed that global citizenship, and the concept of peace, should not be confined to the notions of knowledge, caring, empathy, and justice, but should be characterized by “love in action”. This he said is a principle that guides the Kingdom Nation is today.

Quoting Robert Gilman in his book “Sustainable Peace Putting the Pieces Together”, Pastor Apollo adds that true and sustainable peace can only be achieved if it is truly motivated by love.

A special audio video presentation accompanied by a live rendition of “Love is All We Need” by the Kingdom Musicians illustrated the various humanitarian works of the Reverend Pastor.

HE Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in her speech, congratulated, not just Pastor Apollo as the awardee, but the Royale Institution itself for the honor or having Pastor Apollo in their International Senior Advisory Council.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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