In another enlightening episode of Give Us This Day, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy sheds light on the dangers of loving money above all else, especially above one’s own soul.

He points out that it is not money itself that is evil, but the unhealthy love, attachment and pursuit of it.

He compares money to fire, saying that when money is used responsibly, it has many uses that can make our life comfortable, but when there is an unhealthy desire for it, it may cause a man his peace of mind, cause untoward things to happen to him, and even cost him his life. 

He differentiates those who love people and use money to those who use people and love money. “It is this that makes the world unbearably evil for so many people,” remarked the beloved pastor.

Pastor Apollo asserted that the Kingdom Nation uses money only to propagate the righteousness of the Father all over the world, and never for self-aggrandizement.

He laments how people who have the love of money in their hearts have pushed aside the Almighty Father and turned their trust towards money.

This, he pronounces, is the spirit of idolatry, when man has made God unnecessary and replaced Him with the desire for material things.

Apollo Quiboloy during the live broadcast of Give Us This Day

“When one pursues money as a supreme goal of life, one shuts out spirituality and gives in to carnality. Every imaginable evil can flow out of the love of money,” he declares.

He encouraged all his viewers to be content with what the Father has given and to pursue the true riches, which is spiritual, for the Father has laid up true riches in heaven.

He told his viewers to buy not of bread that will perish, but of bread that will lead to everlasting life.

He warned those who look rich and prosperous on the outside, but in the spirit are poor, blind, and naked.

“When the spirit of disobedience is in you, you are naked in the eyes of the Almighty Father,” he reveals. “But when you receive the spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will, in the eyes of God, you have been clothed.”

He remarked upon the wisdom of all Kingdom citizens who have invested in the works of the Appointed Son, disclosing that every centavo they have given is listed in heaven because it is used for the propagation of the Will of the Father over all the world.

The program ended with a short VTR showing the Appointed Son’s recent round of activities, which included a visit from the president of the Republic of the Philippines, good friend, Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, and his victorious King is Coming Tour in Bacolod City 17 years after his last concert crusade in the city. Pastor Apollo also pronounced blessings upon all of his viewers and followers in his closing prayer.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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