Pastor Apollo fellowships with the OLA of Davao

The senior citizens of the Kingdom showed unity and camaraderie through a spiritual gathering held at the KJC Cathedral, Davao City, last July 9, 2018, called “Orange and Lemon Night”.

This was a very special occasion because it was hosted for all of the elderly but strong Kingdom citizens who are faithful and committed to the ministry of Son.

Orange and Lemon is the term used to refer to the elderly citizens of the Kingdom Nation.

The event was also attended by our very own administrator, Sis. Ingrid C. Canada and other senior workers.

Apollo C. Quiboloy

Various event competitions were held in music and dance which was enjoyable for all. But the night was made really special because of the spiritual fellowship from the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, which gave strength and inspiration to all of the attendees.

Pastor Apollo fellowships with the OLA of the Kingdom
From left Sis. Lourdes Canada and Sis. Helen Quiboloy

After the dinner, the awarding ceremony took place for the winners of the competitions. Special awards were given also to Pastor Apollo’s sister, Sis. Helen Quiboloy, and to Sis. Ingrid Canada’s mother, Sis. Lourdes Canada, who were cited as the “OLA of the Night”.

Indeed it was a blessed night for everyone involved because it was another spiritual bond with the Almighty Father through His Son.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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