It’s International Youth Congress season and the youth delegates are all here in the New Jerusalem, Davao City, for the Kingdom’s most awaited spiritual youth gathering and talent offering of the year.

Hailing from across six continents of the globe, the young delegates flooded the Kingdom plaza during a fantastic opening ceremony that highlighted the rapidly growing number of delegates that come for the celebration each year.

16th International Youth Congress Opening

Red, orange, blue, green, the coveted purple and lavender, pink, and yellow decorated the plaza like enormous moving strips of color as eight teams of young people waved flags and balloons to draw attention to their massive presence and huge numbers.

Energy was high as the youth marched before the grandstand where Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God himself, stood with the Kingdom administrators, coordinators, ministers and his guests.

Lifting their banners high, the proud members of each delegation gave their respect to the King, the Son, the source of light for the whole world.

Each and every youth delegate present felt the mighty presence of the Almighty Father when the Kingdom Anthem was sung. Tears fell as they recalled every drop of sweat, every sacrifice and every effort they made to make it home to the New Jerusalem – all was proven worth it as that unexplainable feeling of belonging, of overflowing joy, of pride of place as sons and daughters of the Father, and the overwhelming power of His grace and love fell upon everyone present.

Fervent desire to continue to serve the King as soldiers in His Army of Goodness filled every breast as Pastor Apollo declared:

“You are the light. You are the salt. You are overcomers. You are the Father’s Army of Goodness. You are the young eagles. You are sealed by the Father’s spirit for absolute commitment, for absolute obedience, for absolute loyalty, for absolute dedication to do His perfect Will.

Kingdom youth you are the best young people in the world!”

On this note, Pastor Apollo declared the 16th International Youth Congress open.

For two weeks, the young delegates will strive to excel in different arenas of competition: sport, arts, media, literary, information technology, and Kingdom doctrine. They will also participate in many activities for their spiritual growth, and are especially excited for a dinner fellowship with the Appointed Son of God.

They will also trek up the Glory Mountain to plant a thousand more pine trees.

This Kingdom Nation that started as a small seed in a tiny district in Davao City, now stands as a beacon to the entire human race, that here is the Kingdom of God on earth, open to all who would come and become sons and daughters of the Father through genuine and absolute repentance. All who would become Kingdom citizens must make a promise, that from now on not his will but the Father’s Will be done in his life!

Young people seeking change from the chaotic immorality of the world are welcome to offer their lives and talents for the Father’s glory and majesty through His Appointed Son!

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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