Pastor Apollo Quiboloy held another LIVE Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation earlier today, May 18, 2018, at the KJC Cathedral in the spiritual capital of the world, the New Jerusalem.

Thousands of Kingdom citizens gathered in the octagon-shaped cathedral even as millions around the world joined the worship via Sonshine Media Network International TV and via Facebook and YouTube live stream.

Pastor Apollo preached about the New World where love abounds – the Kingdom Nation of the Father here on the earth today, where sons and daughters have repented, surrendered the old spirit of disobedience to follow the Kingdom laws that are written in their heart and mind.

Pastor Apollo emphasized that unless one reaches the highest level of spiritual growth, which is to become a son or a daughter of the Father, one cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. “This is the summit of why we are learning about the Word of God—to become a son and daughter of the Father,” he said.

The Church Age of religion and denomination failed in producing this desired result, the very objective of the Father’s redemption plan, and so the Kingdom was taken away from them and given to the Appointed Son, the first fruit to be produced, the one who was tried and tested in the furnace of fire and affliction, but who overcame against all odds.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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