In a recent episode of Sounds of Worship held in the New Jerusalem in Davao City, Philippines, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy exposed a little realized spiritual truth – that there is a curse of prosperity and blessing.

In his weekly message delivered to the Kingdom Nation of viewers all over the world, he pointed out that blessings and prosperity can become a curse when it causes a son or daughter of the Father to forget the Father Almighty in his enjoyment and pursuit of wealth and monetary reward.

The beloved Pastor explained that there are many lessons to be learned from poverty. He experienced it himself, he reminded the congregation.

“Poor people have nothing in their lives. The poor learn long suffering, they learn how to deal with life and how to survive,” he continued. “And you can find, almost always, that the curse of poverty makes them draw closer to God or to curse God.”

He reiterated that he had seen it himself many times. “But I will tell you, there is something more terrible than the curse of poverty. It is the curse of prosperity and success,” he said.

Exhorting on the topic, he warned the congregation: “Be careful with prosperity and success. You will forget God.”

Pastor Apollo reminded the sons and daughters that it is the Father’s Will that we all enjoy success and prosperity but not to forget that we are all doing it for the Will of the Father. He explained that our commitment and dedication to His will should remain the same. Just as his did all those years ago in his spiritual wilderness.

He recalled to the Kingdom Nation, that in his five years of training in Tamayong where he suffered great persecution and the test of poverty and suffering where he ate nothing but bananas, his obedience and commitment to the Father did not change when at the end of it all, the Father blessed him with so much abundance and prosperity, even entrusting him with the whole world.

Pastor Apollo also said that our service to the Almighty Father is not conditional. “We do not have the spirit that says ‘I will be good to you Father if you are good to me.’ The terms and conditions to serving the Father does not belong to us, it belongs to God,” he counseled.

The global worship presentation held every Sunday and broadcast live via Sonshine Media Network International feeds the Manna of Revelation to over seven million faithful Kingdom citizens and followers all over the world.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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