In his delivery of the Manna of Revelation today on Sounds of Worship, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy rebuked the users of God’s word and His Name and called themselves pastors to cover-up their deceptions and leading people astray.

In a message entitled “The True Christ”, broadcast through Sonshine Media Network International to a global audience of sons and daughters of the Father, Pastor Apollo warned deceivers of the truth that he will not stop exposing their ways because this is the mandate of the Appointed Son, to correct what is wrong and destroy the works of the darkness.

He rebuked the false pastors, particularly the so-called religion calling themselves KAPA (Kabus Padatuon), that they are illegally using God’s name to recruit people to cover what is nothing but another Ponzi scheme.

He said that people are joining the said group for the promised 30% return on so called ‘contributions’ and not for the salvation of their soul. This is a cover up perpetrated by their false pastor.

He explained that a true pastor is a shepherd, teaching the sheep the Word of God and obedience to the Will of the Father.

In clear and certain terms, Pastor Apollo told the congregation that Satan Lucifer the devil has no more place to hide because the Appointed Son is there at every turn, exposing the deceptions of the enemy, as he did about the Holy Three since the very beginning.

“I have destroyed the mountain of deception of false doctrine. The devil cannot hide there anymore,” he revealed.

He said that he will not stop in exposing the deceptions of the enemy that lure people to their destruction.

Pastor Apollo warned his listeners, however, that the devil will not let go easily because we are born of the flesh and blood, owned by the devil, but that we need to be born of the spirit of the Almighty Father to become spiritual.

“In order for you to be born of the spirit of God you have to cut off all the connections of the old world: lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and pride of life,” he expounded. “Just as the Father did to me when he called me, making me born again in obedience to the Father’s Will.” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is leader of a worldwide congregation of more than 7 million sons and daughters of the Father.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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