Pastor Apollo Quiboloy steps into the Ritz-Carlton at the center of Dubai’s Financial District, Sept. 20, 2019, for another breakthrough special Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation.

The exciting event is the last leg of the Appointed Son’s King is Coming Tour (KICT) for the year 2019 which spanned countries across the globe including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and cities all over the Philippines. An important part of the Son’s yearly itinerary, spiritual explosion is an inevitable and expected outcome of every KICT wherever Pastor Apollo visits with his presence.

The Ritz-Carlton overflowed with visitors, friends, covenant partners and sympathizers of the ministry. They came from all races and cultures across the United Arab Emirates and as far as Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East. Many were overseas Filipino workers hungry for the Word of God and a connection to their home country, the Philippines.

During a very clear and beautiful preaching, Pastor Apollo stressed the importance of the words of our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ – the Words that bring mankind the spiritual component that they need for the salvation of their soul.

Pastor Apollo explained that these words that he is preaching today, are the very same words that Jesus Christ brought 2,000 years ago, for which He was persecuted and crucified.

“These are the words of the New Agreement, the New Covenant that the Father’s will be done on earth,” Pastor Apollo said. “This means obedience to His Words.”

Pastor Apollo pointed out that all churches of religion and denomination today preach the words of Jesus Christ, but they all failed to impart one thing, the most vital component of spiritual salvation – obedience His Words.

“There is no other standard of salvation today, but obedience to the Word of God,” he stated.

Pastor Apollo also underlined that only by listening to and obeying the Words of the Almighty Father can we have life – a spiritual life and relationship with Him, and acknowledged by the Father as laid down in Matthew 21:7.

Pastor Apollo went on to preach about the destination of man’s soul, that at the end of this life, when we face judgment, only one thing will be asked of us: did we
obey the will of the Father?

The words that give life imparted new joy to everyone present as the venue resounded with worship-filled music, dancing and singing in celebration of the Father’s goodness and mercy for all.

Before the worship presentation ended, Pastor Apollo once more received many accolades and recognition for his many wonderful works, including a Plaque of Appreciation from the Philippine Labor Office and the Overseas Worker’s Welfare Administration of Dubai for Pastor’s support of overseas Filipino workers in the region and all over the world. This was awarded by a representative of Mr. Renato Dueñas, Jr., the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai.

Beautiful tokens of friendship also came from Mr. Matuk Abdul Jalil Abu Abdullah, a Kuwait and Bahrainian friend of the ministry. And also a beautiful gift of crystal from Mr. Ali Hendi Yousuf Humaid Alshamsi, owner of Triaco and Amazing Rent a Car, presented by Mr. Hasan Asid, owner of Arrival Gate.

In his message of acceptance, Pastor Apollo expressed his gratitude for their welcome and embrace of the Kingdom ministry in the places where these good men and women are, saying, “No matter where we are in our belief, we are one in our belief of the One God.”

Pastor Apollo’s King is Coming Tour is expected to resume in June 2020.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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