“Soar like eagles!” This was the command issued by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s in his fresh Manna of Revelation preached from the KJC Cathedral in the New Jerusalem recently.

Using the illustration of how the flight capacity of an eagle is at a height that ordinary birds cannot reach, Pastor Apollo resoundingly pointed out how the carnal man cannot reach the level of the Appointed Son, nor could it understand him, unless he repents and uses his faith.

“An eagles soars up to 60,000 feet above sea level,” explained the Appointed Son, “Ordinary birds cannot go where eagles go because when they follow the eagle, they will break into pieces and fall down to earth dead.”

Pastor Apollo clearly explained that Kingdom citizens have to use faith to reach the height of the eagles – the level of the Appointed Son.

“I am an eagle,” he explained. “I want to transform you into becoming an eagle. I don’t want you to be weaklings in your faith. Through the circumstances that we go through, your faith should remain bold, strong, and brave as an eagle, not like an ordinary bird.

“So don’t follow me if your faith is weak,” he warned. “Strengthen your faith first. Because if you are weak, you will fall down to the ground and vanish. And I will not see you here anymore.”

Pastor pointed out that the meaning of faith is not just believing in the Word of God, or believing in the unseen God, but in the manifestation of the Father through the Appointed Son.

Apollo Quiboloy during a live thanksgiving and worship presentation

 “The test of faith is to go beyond the limit of your understanding,” he said. “So when you look at me, look at me with the eyes of the Father, and not with your own eyes because your three-dimensional understanding is limited.”

He warned his listeners that he became spiritual when the Father made him the Appointed Son, having gone through all the fire and storms of trial and been proven loyal, committed and obedient to the Father’s Will, so that no man can judge him except the Almighty Father.

“So do not think evil of the Son. Don’t think negative of the Son. Don’t criticize the Son because what you do to the Son is what you do to the Father. Remember, I am the standard of salvation,” he reminded the congregation.

He also pointed out that sons and daughters must reach that level of spirituality, where their faith cannot be shaken despite all and every circumstance, especially through rebuke, correction and instruction.

“Before I became the Appointed Son, my understanding was limited. But the Father brought me to the height and dimension of the spirit where no one can go except God permits them. I went even into the 10th dimension of understanding about God,” Pastor Apollo explained.

“Now I want you to soar like me to the place where no one can go except eagles,” he said. “If you want to go there with me? Go through your Tamayong. Go through the fire. Prove to yourself that you can be like me. (Able to say) My heart is fixed my mind is made up.

“I am your test, trial, fire, and storm. I am the rain that will rain upon you. I will test the limit of your faith,” he exhorted. “I will purposely and intentionally do things that you will not understand to test the limit of your faith. And then I will see, the Father will see if you can really become an eagle, like me.”

Pastor Apollo emphasized that he is giving Kingdom citizens the gift of faith as the Father had given him the gift of faith to endure all.

“Because if I intentionally and purposely go beyond your understanding of what I am going to do and you still have faith in me, and you still believe in me, then I will see the transformation of an ordinary bird into an eagle that can soar high up above human understanding, human will, and human reasoning.”

He called upon the Kingdom Nation to have no fear and to put their faith in the Father Almighty through the Son. “Overall God is in control. If you are serving the Almighty Father and you are sincere don’t be afraid. If you are afraid your love is not perfected because the word of God says there is no fear in love.” The Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation ended some 15 minutes after the hour of twelve to much rejoicing and celebration for another enlightening and soul-strengthening message of salvation from the Appointed Son of God.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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