Pastor Apollo Quiboloy kicked off the 23rd International Kingdom Leaders Convention with a special episode of Give Us This Day.

Delegates of the international gathering of sons and daughters joined the Appointed Son in the SMNI Worldwide Broadcast Studios. They were all overjoyed to have flown home once again to the New Jerusalem for the yearly event.

During his global fellowship, Pastor recalled his calling as a young man and how the Father has brought him to this glorious ministry and purpose to establish His Kingdom here on earth for the salvation of souls. 

The special broadcast of Pastor Apollo’s TV program is just the first of a series of activities and events lined up for the one-week convention that will culminate in celebrating the 34th Kingdom Anniversary on September 1.


The delegates are also looking forward to the much awaited yearly Tribute to the King where the Kingdom leaders are able to offer-up their spiritual harvest to the Almighty Father through the inheritor of the Kingship, the Father’s chosen and Appointed Son.  This will be one of the first events of the celebration.

The delegates will also be spending time in the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Garden of Eden Restored in Brgy. Tamayong where Pastor Apollo was trained in fiery trial and persecution for five years with the Almighty Father as his teacher. This is where he heard the voice of the Almighty Father say, “Now, you are my Son.” The delegates will also be joining the Appointed Son in his Sermon on the Mount during a trekking and tree planting activity at the Glory Mountain.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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