In a special episode of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s daily program Give Us This Day, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, shared his thoughts and the principles of his presidency when dealing with the problems facing the country today.

He maintained that four major problems remain to be the focus of his administration:  Crime which has gone down by at least 40%; illegal drugs; graft and corruption; the insurgency, both Moro and communist; and the continued threat of the ISIS extremists.

He declared that during the last three years of his term, he intends to preserve the accomplishments of his government, stating that he has made is mark clear in the eradication of the drug scourge.


“If I can wipe you all out before the end of my term, I will do so,” he stated.  He promised to continue delivering to the people his promise to return to them the right to use the streets and alleyways of the city at night without fear.

The president stressed that contrary to what mainstream media says, he is not interested in killing people, except drug perpetrators and outright murderers, kidnappers, especially those who rape and kill children. In this, he says, he has to disagree with advocates of human rights who mostly count the dead only as victims.

He lamented the social dysfunction that happens to a family when a family member, especially a father becomes contaminated with drugs, saying that that family will collapse. He contended that drug use will inadvertently lead the victim to theft, murder, and when under the influence, even to the rape of family members, even children.

As to the problem of graft and corruption, the president admitted to facing difficulties in wiping it from government. “I sometimes feel hopeless and helpless,” he revealed. “Even in the cabinet, I have fired about 6 close friends, not really for major cases, but for the lack of industry because we work for the people.”

He disclosed that there are still more than 4,000 vacant government posts because he needs to read and to investigate each of the candidates before he can make any appointment. “And these take time,” he said.

Pres. Duterte also attested to the continual reintegration of NPA returnees, announcing that the government is building about 15,000 condominiums for the former rebels, giving them a trade through TESDA, providing mobility, and making sure that communities are built where there is access to a market, and other institutions like schools and churches.

“Providing shelter alone will not do, you have to provide some kind of township and economic activity no matter how small,” he explained.

He warned those who continue to raise arms against the country, putting people in places like Basilan, and the whole country, in perpetual stress and anxiety, that they do not have the monopoly of evil. “I can do it ten times better than you,” he pronounced.

He reiterated his readiness to sit down with the ideologues of these revolutions, stating that they should give up after 53 years of struggle because it has brought nothing but suffering to the people.

On a lighter note, the president shared some anecdotes of his law school days to the studio audience, many of whom were from the JMC College of Law. To their delight, the president promised to make time to lecture at the college, especially in the subject of criminal law.

It is the second time in the space of a little more than a month since President Duterte first visited Pastor Apollo and guested on Give Us This Day after a long absence. He acknowledged that he liked delivering his messages to the people over SMNI even over government owned TV stations.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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