Apollo C. Quiboloy

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy once again rocked the denominational and religious heavens by saying that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is already happening.

He delivered this revelation in his message during the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation, Sunday, May 27, 2018, at the KJC Cathedral in Davao City, Philippines.

In his preaching, Pastor Apollo peeled-away the layers of deception made by Satan Lucifer the Devil that the coming of Jesus Christ is an event that would happen in pomp and glory with a trumpet sounding and God’s children being lifted up in the air.

This, he says, is a physical interpretation of the Second Coming, which is wrong. He reiterates that this was the failure of the Jewish and the Church Age, to interpret the Word of God with a physical understanding. This was also the reason why the Kingdom was taken away from them.

“I will simplify the Second Coming for you. In the version of the Second Coming in religion and denomination, and even in the version of the Jewish Age, He will come in pomp and glory and vanquish all His enemies physically and establish the Kingdom nation of Israel to be above all the nations of the earth. That is physical. That is wrong”

Expounding on the topic, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said that the Second Coming is spiritual. That the New Heaven and the New Earth spoken about in the Word of God is spiritual. “The New Heavens is where the righteousness of God is found; the righteousness of God means people obeying only the Will of the Father.”

And this is happening already he says, because in the Kingdom Nation of the Father, his sons and daughters are cleansed of the filthiness of disobedience, sanctified, producing righteousness by their obedience to the Father’s Will.

He also said that every man that has repented and was able to overcome is the Father’s New Earth. “I am the model of the New Earth. What is implanted in me is the seed of the Father Almighty,” he explained, referring to Scripture in 2 Peter 3:13. As the first man from the fallen Adamic race, who overcame all the trials of fire and remained loyal to the Will of the Father, he became the first-born Son. Any many more are becoming like him.

“The Father is looking for sons and daughters in whom He can dwell,” says Pastor Apollo. When this happens, then and only then, can the Father come. “This is what the Church Age failed to understand.”

Watch this preaching here on Apolloquiboloy.com or on Pastor Apollo’s preaching can be found on his YouTube account https://www.youtube.com/PastorACQ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ApolloQuiboloy/ and SMNI’s YouTube channel account https://www.youtube.com/SonshineMedia.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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