Senate President Vicento “Tito” Sotto III enjoyed some time with the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, as he appeared as special guest on the daily TV program Give Us This Day broadcast over worldwide TV on Sonshine Media Network International.

The famous senator, who has served the country as a public servant for more than 20 years, expressed his thanks and appreciation of Pastor Apollo and says he is always charmed by his visits with his good friend.

“I never refuse an invitation to his program,” he professed.

This is not the first guesting of Sen. Tito Sotto on the talk show but has appeared on previous occasions, once in a memorable episode with brother and actor Vic Sotto.

As on previous episodes of the show when Pastor Apollo invites public servants to discuss their priority programs and services, the senate president talked openly about the 18th Congress’ most pressing concerns, as well as candidly and humorously pointing out the idiosyncrasies of government.

When asked about priority measures for the next congress, the senator affirmed that the senate would be passing the Anti-Terrorism Act, which aims to address the issues of martial law and terrorism in the country, as well as solve weaknesses in the present Human Security Act.

The 18th congress would also be passing the Public Service Act, which when made into law, bring about solutions to the current problems of water, energy, transportation, and the worsening situation of traffic facing Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

The senator also said that he would like to push for the passing of the Medical Scholarship Act, which would deal with the lack of doctors in the country.

“I would want every Filipino who would like to take up medicine it should be free so that there will be more doctors in the country,” he asserted, pointing out that the cost of medical school as a hindrance for many students.

The act, he claimed, would make it possible to provide a doctor for every barrio or barangay in the country.

Learning that Pastor Apollo has opened his own medical college, the Jose Maria Medical Foundation, the lawmaker declared that he would consider sending state scholars to the ultra-modern medical institution.

Sen. Sotto also stated his intention to continue pushing for the death penalty but only for high level drug trafficking because among the many heinous crimes, Sotto reiterated, only drug lords continue with their operation even while in prison.

Sen Tito Sotto as special guest on GUTD

“A murderer when incarcerated could not repeat his crime because he is already in jail. A rapist when incarcerated could not rape anymore, and even a drug pusher could no longer push drugs when he is already in prison,” explained the senator. “But a drug lord could and would continue operating through cellphone or whatever means he could muster.”

He contended that the country should have a defense mechanism or a “sword of Damocles” hanging over drug lords so they know that when caught, they will be facing death at the hands of the state.

Addressing fears that the senate would become a “rubber stamp” for the President, he assured Filipinos that while the present senate is very supportive of the chief executive, they are not subservient, but are balanced and independent, diligently debating and considering every law submitted for their deliberation. 

He, however, gives the president a 9/10 performance rating because after serving under many administrations throughout his public service career, only with President Duterte has he found the same focus against his own anti-drug advocacy.

Sen. Sotto also spoke vehemently against investment schemes, promising to pass a law to defend the public against financial   conspiracies.

He vouched for the National ID system, assuring Filipinos that it would help secure both the country and its citizens.

He vowed to thoroughly study how a law could be formulated to protect Filipinos against the dangers of the Internet, including but not exclusive to pornography and scams, and to give serious intent on how censorship can be implemented in the country’s broadcast media.

He also expressed his opinion that the country should build more modern airports to push tourism as a major source of dollar revenue for the country.

He believes that the Philippines is very beautiful but is hidden away from the world because of the lack of transportation infrastructure. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and Sen Tito Sotto live on GUTD

On the lighter side, the senator said that he is looking forward to the completion of the Kingdome as he would take up Pastor Apollo’s promise to allow popular noontime show “Eat Bulaga” to hold a show there. 

The senator hosts the said program with fellow entertainers Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.  

He revealed that he had just finished composing a song called “Kung Nag-iisa” and that he would send the song to Pastor Apollo. He requested the Kingdom choir to perform it.

To the delight of the global audience, the good senator ended his guesting with a charming rendition of the song “Moon River” and promised to sing more songs on the program on his next guesting. Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is the author of at least 128 laws, most notably Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, which created among other things, the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency, the government’s primary anti-drug implementing body.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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