The Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy once again hit the issues of sin head on with another spiritual exposure of Satan’s ploys against man’s salvation in his life-changing message delivered recently at the KJC Cathedral in Davao City, Philippines.

With his usual eloquent and forthright delivery of the fresh Manna of Revelation, Pastor Apollo unveiled the devil’s tactics to bring many souls to perdition before he is damned for eternity in the lake of fire.

In a dream revelation shown to him by the Almighty Father in October 10, 2018, Pastor Apollo revealed the new arena of spiritual warfare being waged by the Satan Lucifer the devil. In his new stratagem, the devil has weaponized the flesh to kill the souls of men, especially those already inside the Kingdom Nation of the Father Almighty governed by the Appointed Son.

In his vision, the Father revealed that because the Son had already won in the war about the Holy One, Satan has moved to a new battleground using the carnality as his main armament.

According to the Son, the devil in using modern technology to influence man against God.  Utilizing man’s fallen Adamic and fallen Evenic nature, Satan has provided the showground where humankind can fulfill his lusts – the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. This powerful new domain is the Internet, social media and mobile phones. 

He admonished Kingdom citizens, of all ages to be responsible in the use of the Internet. 

Satan’s means are so subtle that even Kingdom citizens have fallen into Satan’s trap, he said.

Sons and daughters are becoming addicted to the feast for the eyes and the flesh easily accessed on the Internet, including pornography and popular media.  As they get addicted they fall into a “private rebellion”—their heart hardening against the voice of the Almighty Father as it is overcome with carnality. Carnality then becomes ordinary and spirituality loses importance.

“When your eyes are filled with the garbage that you get on the Internet, spirituality loses all meaning,” asserted the Son. “Soon my messages can no longer penetrate into you.”

Stand with the Son against Carnality

Pastor exhorted Kingdom Citizens to make a choice to remain strong when the devil assaults them with temptation found on their mobile phones because the decision to be steadfast cannot be taken away by anyone. He underscored that the only weapon against carnality is obedience. 

“Decide to win against carnality. Obey the Son!” he stressed.  

He called upon the Kingdom members and full-time miracle workers to rise up from carnality into spiritual bodies focused only on the Will of the Father. “What is the end result when you obey me? You become spiritual, like me,” he emphasized.

The Son reminded the Kingdom Nation that the last enemy to be conquered is death, and death is in the flesh. 

To victorious cheering, he affirmed, “When all flesh submits to the Son, when all carnality is put under the feet of the Son in obedience to the Will of the Almighty Father, mortality will be swallowed up by immortality … then glorification will come!” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is leader of a worldwide congregation of 7 million sons and daughters all over the world.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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