Known for messages that go straight to the point and target the bull’s eye, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy underscored in his preaching today that in the Kingdom the bottom line of faith is always one’s loyalty and obedience to the Almighty Father.

His preaching, broadcast live on television over Sonshine Media Network International to over seven million faithful followers all over the world, is unlike any Sunday sermon heard in any church religion and denomination that preach soft, man-pleasing social gospels. Pastor Apollo’s fiery, soul-cleansing messages zero-in and target salvation and awaken the inner man.

Since his calling over three decades ago, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s perspective always places in sharp focus the spiritual realities that Kingdom citizens face daily in their journey to spiritual maturity in the light of obedience to the Father’s will – no hemming and hawing, no fear, no hesitation.

Today, Pastor Apollo castigated the shallow commitment of those who jumped ship and easily gave up their place in the Kingdom.


He said, “As Kingdom citizens, your mark should be like this: You may make mistakes in other areas of your life, but when worse comes to worst, and your loyalty to the Father is tested, your loyalty should remain.”

He stressed that in all things spiritual in the Kingdom, the bottom line is always loyalty and obedience to His Will.

“Loyalty is the purest form of love,” he declared.

He contended that God cannot be fooled with the fool’s gold confession of “I love you, Lord” because the quality of that love will always be tested. The Son is here, he proclaimed, as a refiner’s fire or a fuller’s soap, always burning away the dross and cleansing away the filth of disobedience in the Father’s sons and daughters.  He pointed out that the Son is the only mirror of loyalty and obedience to the Father’s Will. Pastor’s program, Sounds of Worship, airs live every Sunday morning, 8:00 am to 12:00 nn Philippines time.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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