Millions of people all over the world once again received the life-changing message of enlightenment as the Almighty Father speaks through His audible voice, the one commissioned to save mankind from the bondage of sin and the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

This Sunday, Pastor Apollo highlighted the essence of spiritual growth. He emphasized that Kingdom citizens, must not remain as a child in the spirit. Hence, they must grow until they become matured sons and daughters of the Father who will propagate the ministry just like the Appointed Son.

“I am bringing you to the state where no poison of the serpent can penetrate you. When you have passed all the tests of the Father in your life, you will stand firm and loyal like the Son,” Pastor Apollo preached.

Apollo C. Quiboloy

Moreover, Pastor also said that the first step towards spiritual growth is knowing yourself. Once you admit to your mistakes, that is when you can start changing from within.

Next Sunday, Pastor Apollo promised to discuss about the power of the tongue. “The tongue is a small member of society but it can burn the whole city. When you open your tongue, it should not be for trouble but for spiritual enlightenment,” Pastor said.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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