Another milestone of victory and harvest for the Kingdom Nation as the Appointed Son of God Pastor Apollo Quiboloy successfully held the second leg of his King is Coming Tour Asia in the land of the rising sun – Japan.

Thousands of visitors of different races including sympathizers, covenant partners, and televiewers came together to join the crusade in Nagoya Convention Hall, Global Gate, Aichi Nagoya Nakamura Hiraikecho 4-60-12, Japan. They were all eager to hear the fresh Manna of Revelation given by the Almighty Father our Lord Jesus Christ through His Appointed Son.

At the beginning of Pastor Apollo’s preaching, he said that love and kindness is the best thing that we can give to someone, but we must learn how to respect and love our selves first so that we can apply it to others.

Pastor Apollo also explained the difference between Eros love (romantic love), Phileo love (love for the family or relatives) and Agape love (unconditional love).

And he said that the most important of them all is Agape love which is the love of God.

Kingdom Minister for Japan with his family

There are methodologists who don’t believe in God because they don’t see Him. They only believe in what they can see. Pastor Apollo contradicted them by asking if they can see their brain. He said that just because they can’t see it doesn’t mean they don’t have one.

Repeatedly in his message, Pastor Apollo illustrated how we do not have to see God for us to believe that there is God.

“Once you see and feel love you see God because God is love,” says Pastor Apollo.

He also said that the most concrete example of the Father’s love is when He brought His Word to us 2000 years ago through His Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified and died because of His divine love for us and for the salvation of our soul.

The thanksgiving and worship presentation in Japan ended with joyful songs. All the Japanese brethren and visitors felt privileged for the coming of the Appointed Son in their place. They were heartfully thankful for the message of salvation that the Appointed Son brought to them – a message of awakening that can save their soul and give them a life of eternity.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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