Pastor Apollo Quiboloy delivered a sharp rebuke to his accusers during his latest episode of Give Us This Day broadcast from the SMNI Worldwide Broadcast Center in Davao City, Philippines, Wednesday, July 12, 2019.

He addressed the people who accuse him of being a false Christ and a false prophet, saying that to know who the false Christ is, one must know the True Christ first.

Quoting John 12:48, Pastor Apollo stressed that there is only one true witness and judge of the truth and that is the Words of the True Christ himself, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his trademark direct and no holds barred style, he laid a clear pronouncement of who the false Christ is. “Anybody who relaxes, waters down or outrightly violates the words of the New Covenant, he is a false Christ,” he said.

He reprehended how religion and denomination seesaw the Words of Jesus Christ by endless discussion and debate which the Apostle Paul warned against in Titus 3:9.

The apostle called these foolish contentions and “striving about the law” as both unprofitable and vain.

“Salvation is not complicated,” Pastor Apollo asserted. “When you follow the words of the true Jesus Christ, the end result is repentance and obedience to the Father’s Will through obedience to His Words. Nothing more needs to be studied or debated. This is the whole essence of salvation!”

He chided the Church Age for their traditions and doctrines, for making sweeping mother statements without actually teaching the Word of God and leading people to repentance.

“Discard your doctrines and dogmas for they are futile and worthless,” Pastor Apollo declared.

“Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,” he admonished, citing James 1:22. “For this is the deception when you hear the Word of God, debate it, study it, but never obeying it.”

He reminded his global audience that if they seek true salvation, they can only find it in the Appointed Son and nowhere else.

“You shall know a tree by its fruit,” he argued. “A good tree brings forth good fruit, and a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. The one cannot bear the other.”

He cited how the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Ministry of the Appointed Son is being blessed year after year by the Almighty Father despite all the persecution, the maligning, and the slander.

“These do no bother me, or hurt me, because I know who my Father is,” he proclaimed. “Your curses are my blessing because the Word of God says to rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven!” Pastor Apollo also assured viewers that his intentions are never to insult or to hurt people, but he is mandated to tell the truth and expose the deceptions of the devil to bring all to salvation.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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