In a recent episode of Sounds of Worship, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God, emphasized how important it is for every son and daughter of the Father to pass through the trial of fire to test his or her mettle – whether he is made of gold, hay, or wood.

Citing 1 Cor 3:10-17 and Matt 7:24-27, which says that every man’s work will be tried by fire to test if it is founded upon obedience to the Words of Jesus Christ, Pastor Apollo said that only the Words of Jesus Christ will judge us now and in the last days.  

The Appointed Son of God underscored that as sons and daughters, no one is exempted from the fire, or from the wind, the waves, the flood, the storm of trial. It must come because no son or daughter in the Kingdom can remain an infant forever. He must grow in the spirit and become like the Son.  

In his two-hour message, Pastor Apollo stressed that only one thing will judge our mettle – the Words of Jesus Christ, which itself passed through the fire before it came to us in this present day.

He recalled the suffering of the Apostles who were slaughtered for the Words of Jesus Christ.

He said that for us, in this present day, saying “Not my will but Thy Will be done, Father, in my life,” is only the beginning. The most significant commitment is when one is tested through fiery trial and persecution, and still able to hold on to that promise and continue to be faithful to the Almighty Father.

Pastor Apollo also called to mind his own 6 years of overcoming all things in Mt. Kitbog and Mt. Tamayong, where he was tried, tested and tempted in all manner of things, but he overcame. And at the end of those years of training, the Father finally said, “Now you are my Son.”

He reminded Kingdom citizens all over the world that the only secret to overcoming the fire is humility – to never murmur, complain, or whisper negative things – but to obey and follow the Appointed Son’s example.

Quoting Isaiah 45:9, he pointed out how the pot never fights against the potter when he is shaped, molded and then put through the fire. But after it has been strengthened in the furnace, it will never break against any kind of fire that it must endure in the future.

“The fire is the Will of the Father,” said the Son, “Fire is the friend of Gold. Gold may melt, but it will never disappear; it only becomes more pure.” The message was also dedicated to the newly decided sons and daughters who would be undergoing their first step in spiritual growth – baptism by water. Pastor reminded them to expect the fire, but to remain steadfast in their commitment to the Almighty Father through His Son.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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