It should have been a whole world of people loving one another.

This is how Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy described the earth if only Satan Lucifer the devil had not deceived man.

In the most recent episode of his TV program Give Us This Day, Pastor Apollo, the Appointed Son of God, discussed how Satan Lucifer the devil had derailed the Father Almighty’s plan when He created man by deceiving Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The fall of Adam and Eve

Failing in his plan to dethrone God and replace Him in his throne in heaven when he made war against the Creator, as Revelation chapter 12 tells us, Lucifer turned his eyes towards God’s masterpiece—man.

Being an archangel, Lucifer knew of the Father’s plan. He knew that God wanted to manifest himself through man, to let his Words reside in man. He knew that if God’s Word matured in Adam and Eve in creation – then all of humanity’s knowledge and understanding would be that of doing the Father’s Will only.

And being the cunning deceiver that he is, Lucifer turned his eyes toward man and deceived him.

The Creation Story

In Genesis, we read how God had taken dust from the earth, formed man in his own image, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, so that man became a living soul.

“And then God began to pour out His Spirit unto man, because God is a spirit, and His Words are the spirit that should dwell in man,” Pastor Apollo says, continuing the creation story.

These words will then be the wisdom, the understanding, the knowledge of who the Creator is, and then through man’s freedom of choice, those words would be accepted and it will dwell within him.

“This is the purpose why man was created,” Pastor Apollo explains. “So that God’s Word, which is His Spirit, should dwell in us and be the manifestation of the unseen God.”

However, man in creation in the Garden of Eden – Adam and Eve – were still in their infancy in their knowledge of God. When God commanded them, ‘But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it’ (Genesis 2:17) —the purpose was so that man could exercise his being god-like, formed in the His image, so that man can exercise his freedom of choice,” says Pastor Apollo.

A recurring theme in all of his preaching, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy repeatedly teaches that our “freedom of choice”, or our free will, our ability to choose what we want for ourselves, is actually God’s image in us.

“Even the angels, who were also creations of God, had the freedom of choice,” he says. “Without this freedom of choice, we would be no different from lower creation, like the animals of the earth. But we were created with this freedom to choose what we want for ourselves, and nobody can stop us,” says Pastor Apollo

If, he said, Adam and Eve had used their freedom of choice and obeyed God’s command instead of listening to the voice of the serpent, the world we live in would have been a whole different place.

Man would have propagated having the spirit of the Father within him – the spirit of obedience in doing the Father’s will only – instead of the spirit of disobedience against the Father’ Will, which is the spirit of sin.

When Adam and Eve decided through their freedom of choice to listen to the words of Satan Lucifer the devil instead of the Words of God’s command, Satan ejected the infant spirit of God within them, and Satan’s spirit, the spirit of disobedience and rebellion against God propagated in every man, woman and child, born of the flesh. And so we are called the “fallen Adamic race”.

“This world should have been populated by sons and daughter, whose discernment, knowledge, understanding and wisdom of doing the Father’s will on the earth is all that they know, just like me,” explains Pastor Apollo.

“What then would this earth have been like?” he asked is global audience.

“It would have been a whole earth, a whole world, a paradise of people loving one another, of people focused only on the Will of the Father, of people doing only the Father’s Will, and everyone born of the flesh would have been taught to do only the Father’s Will,” Pastor Apollo explained.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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