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Apollo Quiboloy?

Apollo Quiboloy can be describe as a “revolutionary“. Yet, the word barely covers what this man has done. He has shattered age-old beliefs and torn down traditions held sacred by religion and denomination. He has exposed each one for what it is: a deception of Satan, Lucifer the devil.

He is a revolutionary who has set a new paradigm of salvation, financial prosperity, and the love of one’s fellow man. He pays no heed to the opinions of men as he preaches the truth boldly and fearlessly. And threaded through all of his preaching is one single but vital precept upon which all his doctrine is hinged: complete and genuine repentance.

What Repentance Means

Apollo Quiboloy - What Repentance Means

Repentance is a simple word. But in the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth, repentance goes beyond feeling sorry for a transgression committed. In the Kingdom, repentance is a covenant, an agreement between God and man. It is a promise and commitment that a man makes to the Father Almighty, using his freedom of choice, when he says, ‘Not my will Father, but Thy Will be done in my life’.

Absolute and genuine repentance requires a surrender of the old spirit of rebellion and disobedience, that serpent seed of Satan, that was planted in the heart of mankind when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. It entails a dethroning of that old spirit and the enthroning a new one – the spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will.

Pastor Apollo teaches that only when genuine repentance happens, only when every trial of fire and testing to dislodge the spirit of obedience newly implanted in man’s heart is overcome, can the broken relationship between man and God be restored.

Only then can he or she be called a son or a daughter of the Father (John 1:12).

Without repentance, everything else – all doctrine, every tradition, every casting out of demons, all prophesy, every grand and lavish cathedral built, and every man-made by-law is moot. The Father Almighty will only recognize those who have obeyed His Will (Matthew 7:21-23).

A Worldwide Following

Apollo Quiboloy - A Worldwide Following

Pastor Quiboloy has 7 million followers worldwide and growing, covering 200 countries and 2,000 cities, spanning most continents of the world.

He founded and headed the Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name in 1985, and in less than four decades, has established active and growing Kingdom congregations, called Kingdom Light Congregations (KLCs) all over the globe.

He has KLCs in the United States of America, Canada, in Central and South America, in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece, other parts of Europe, and in the Scandinavian countries. His ministry reaches into Russia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, across the countries in the Asia-Pacific including Australia and reaching far into Africa.

His ministry nurtures the spiritual condition of children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Becoming an Appointed Son

Apollo Quiboloy - Becoming an Appointed Son

Molded in the Biblical laws of unity, discipline, excellence, commitment, loyalty, faith, and especially love, these KLCs are populated with sons and daughters of the Father. Each one is guided by the covenant that he had signed with the Creator when he promised: “Not my will but Thy will be done”.

These Kingdom citizens have only one model and guide in the implementation of all spiritual laws in their lives and that is Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.
Many have asked what right has he to claim to be the standard of righteousness in this world today.

The answer is quite simple and logical if one would only listen with an open mind, and of course, an open heart: Apollo C. Quiboloy was the first man to be called by the Father to the true and genuine repentance. He was the first man to have endured all the fiery trials of persecution and hardship and to have overcome them all without breaking his covenant with the Father. He was the first man to finally eject the serpent seed, breaking the chain of sin by his absolute obedience to the Father’s will.

Romans 5:19 says, “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”

It is for this reason that the Father anointed him and made him His Appointed Son in these last days. And by following in the life and example of Pastor Quiboloy, millions of sons and daughters are in the process of becoming appointed sons and daughters of God, like him.

Apollo Quiboloy: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Apollo Quiboloy - The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

By becoming the Appointed Son of God, he had broken another religious and denominational interpretation of a Biblical event: the Second Coming.

In his revelation of the truth, he teaches that the Father Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, will not come in pomp and glory, with chariots and a heavenly host of angels blowing the last trumpet call. He will not take up His children in a blink of an eye in what religion calls the ‘rapture’. No, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, he says, is already happening today.

From the very beginning, he has taught that the Father Almighty, who is a Spirit, will never dwell in a structure made by men’s hands. He will never live in any cathedral or church building because His original plan when He created Adam (man) was to dwell in Adam himself. Adam was meant to be the Father’s temple, the body wherein He would reside. He was meant to be the manifestation of the unseen God. He was meant to be the expression of God’s goodness and righteousness on this earth.

But all of these plans were aborted when Satan deceived first Eve, and then Adam, in the Garden of Eden. The infant seed of righteousness and obedience that was in them was dislodged and ejected. And what replaced it in man’s heart was the serpent seed, that disobedient spirit of sin that is in now in every man, woman, and child born of the fallen race of Adam. In other words, in all of humankind.

But because he had won and resisted every effort of Satan to repeat history, and many more are following after him, man is finally restored back to the Father’s original plan. Man is righteous once more. Like a desecrated temple that was squatted by the devil, man is finally cleansed and sanctified, ready for the real owner, the Almighty Father, to come and occupy it. And He is doing so right now, one man at a time. This is what religion and denomination cannot understand or accept, that this is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Second Coming is happening in millions of sons and daughters of the Father in the Kingdom Nation of God on earth today, beginning with His Appointed Son, as the firstborn, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

He is the Son. He is the Father’s Standard of Salvation in these last days. He is the Father’s New Creation. His Temple, His Dwelling Place, His Body, the Manifestation of the Unseen God. He is the Inheritor of all things. He is the Father’s Representative on this earth today.

Anybody who listens to him, believes and repents, will enter in the Kingdom of God on Earth today, and after judgment, unto eternity.

A Man of Excellent Accomplishment

Apollo Quiboloy - A Man of Excellent Accomplishment

By the world’s standards, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is a man of varied and extraordinary accomplishment. He is a known philanthropist, a humanitarian, an environmentalist, a CEO, a mega-church leader, and an internationally known TV evangelist.

He has a world-wide global multi-media ministry which he began in 1991 with the airing of a 1-hour weekly program called the Hour of Truth over national television. This was followed shortly by a daily 30-minute morning program called Powerline. He soon forded into 24-hour cable TV with the launching of the Q-channel. All these were fledgling steps in his broadcast ministry.

Today, those fledgling steps have turned into an international media organization broadcasting the Word of God via a network of radio and television all over the Philippines and around the globe.

Pastor Apollo’s multi-media franchise Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), which he heads as CEO, also has a newspaper which has a worldwide circulation. It has Internet media to deliver his preaching worldwide through 4 mainstream programs: Sounds of Worship, Powerline, Give Us This Day, Gospel of the Kingdom, and Spotlight.

SMNI’s broadcast center is in the Kingdom’s headquarters in Davao City. Its Manila headquarters and studios are in Makati City, the financial capital of the Philippines. It also has an expanding branch in the United States of America.

It is through this multi-media ministry that the great harvest of souls into the Kingdom Nation is happening around the world.

A Heart for the Poor Children

Despite the obvious prosperity that the Father has blessed his ministry with, Pastor Apollo is never ashamed to admit that his family was poor when they lived in the far-off mountain barangay of Tamayong, in Calinan, Davao City. He often recalls how every meal was a challenge for his family when he was growing up. This was made doubly hard as his parents, Jose and Maria, had 9 children. He was the youngest.

He often recalls having to awkwardly stand outside the Chinese store in the village for hours on end, too ashamed to say he was there to borrow rice. But it was during one of these very episodes that a pivotal moment in his life happened. It shaped his very distinct philosophy about ‘love of neighbor’. And as he became the Appointed Son, this kernel in his mind, this ideal would be strongly reinforced by divine revelation from God about what His commandments about love really means.

He vividly remembers that single incident, that one time when one of the Chinese shopkeepers had scolded the store clerks for leaving him to outside like that. He remembers how the man had taken a bag, put rice, canned goods and noodles in it and had given it to him. It was a kindness that Pastor Apollo has never forgotten.

Today, when he feeds the tens of thousands of children during his yearly celebration of ACQ-International Children’s Day, Pastor Apollo never fails to mention that incident.

“Show a child an act of love and he will never forget it,” he so often says, “It will change his life and when he grows up, he will do the same for others.”

The acclaimed ACQ-International Children’s Day celebrated every April 25, Pastor Apollo’s own birthday, is dedicated to poor, marginalized, and underprivileged children. He has made it their very own grand birthday bash, a thing a poor child can never even hope to experience.

Happening across 55 countries and counting higher each year, the event is an amazing feat that no ordinary man could achieve on his own, except if the love of the Father Almighty dwells in him.

An Advocacy for Children

Apollo Quiboloy - An Advocacy for Children

As a young evangelist in the early 80’s, roaming the countryside to preach the gospel, Pastor Quiboloy often saw suffering children. He saw how so many were malnourished and neglected; so many poor and hopeless. He knew exactly what it felt like go to sleep on an empty stomach and so his heart went out to these children. He made a promise to the Father that if He would bless him, he will give the bulk of it to benefit children.

In 1995 he established the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., one of the most highly recognized charities in the Philippines and the world today.

He began to feed, shelter, clothe and send children to school. What began with 15 children now number thousands through the foundation’s various projects and programs. What began with one single shelter has become 8 exceptional residential care homes across the Philippines. These include the CJFI homes in Quezon City, Laguna, Cavite, Cebu City, Davao City, and Cagayan de Oro City. And more are being processed and established.

Apollo Quiboloy - Gift of Education

In the year 2000, Pastor Quiboloy established the Jose Maria College (JMC) to give disadvantaged children the chance to get an excellent education. Seventy percent of the student population in this school are Pastor Apollo’s scholars under his Gift of Education Program.

He reached out across the world to other impoverished children when he established the Jose Maria College International School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

An outreach has also been established in Indangan, Davao City.

Showing the Youth an Alternative Way to Live

Many men would have stopped there. To most people, an admirable advocacy for children would have been enough. But Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has gone the proverbial extra mile. He is championing the right of the youth to a bright future. But as always, his means are never political. Never social. His institutes change always in the heart.

Establishing the Keeper’s Club International for students in schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for out-of-school youth, Pastor Apollo engages young people with more than just fun and exciting activities. He provides them with an environment far from peer pressure, far from bullying and discrimination, and far from the negative influence of vice. He gives youth a safe place to be, a place where there is only genuine brotherhood and love.

Through the Keeper’s Club, young members are able to discover and develop their talent in music, multi-media, literary, dance and others.

By showing them a joyful and alternative way to live and showing them a good example, young Keepers learn the core values to be able to make good choices in life. By telling them about the love of the Father for mankind, they learn the true source of empowerment.

Though first founded in towns and cities in the Philippines, the Keepers’ Club is now establishing in cities in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

A Love that Accommodates the Whole Humanity

Yet, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has not stopped even there. Beyond children and the youth, he has active advocacies for the elderly and handicapped. He has medical and dental missions, livelihood programs and disaster response operations.

Always a first responder in areas affected by calamity in the Philippines, the Kingdom’s ministry for the poor delivers food aid and basic necessities to survivors, including those in war-torn Marawi.

The love that he has in his heart can accommodate the whole of humanity. He does not refuse anyone who needs his help, regardless of race, religion, social status, or educational background. He always tells the people that only love can defeat hate. Only light can dissipate darkness. Only good can overcome evil.

Caring for the Hapless

In the year 2005, Pastor Apollo founded the Sonshine Philippines Movement as a response to the looming crisis of climate change.

SPM was one of the first organizations to arrive in ground zero when Tropical Storm Sendong lashed across Bukidnon, Agusan del Sur and Misamis Oriental, particularly across Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.

SPM also extended disaster relief when Typhoon Pablo wreaked devastation in Mindanao, particularly through Compostela Valley, bringing death, hunger, and displacement to thousands of families.

SPM was also one of the first non-government organizations to arrive in distressed and devastated Tacloban City when Supertyphoon Yolanda razed the city to the ground.

An advocacy very close to his heart, the Sonshine Philippines Movement’s other projects involve agri-forestry, marine, and coastal resource development and management, solid waste management through massive and nationwide cleanup drives and eco-tourism development.

Effecting good across the globe, SPM has been recreated in Hawaii and Cambodia with the Sonshine Hawaii Movement and Sonshine Cambodia Movement.

Restoring the Earth to Paradise

Apollo Quiboloy - Restoring the Earth to Paradise

Always a man to lead by example and result, Pastor Quiboloy has set a model of what a restored Earth can look like. He has shown the world what the earth can be when there is love and true respect for God’s creation.

Nestled in Brgy. Tamayong at the foothills of the great Mt. Apo, his birthplace, is the beautiful Covenant Mountain Paradise Garden of Eden Restored, the Kingdom’s prayer compound. It is a place of carefully nurtured gardens, quiet waterways, polite people, and tranquility.

Further up is the Kingdom’s Glory Mountain, an even more amazing place that used to be a denuded stretch of mountain. Today, it is a rolling landscape, lush with pine trees and alive with the bloom and fragrance of flowers of all kinds.

An estimated 500,000 pine trees have been planted here, the largest tallied collection of pine trees in the Philippines.

But more than just an example of restored earth, these places are most of all significant to Pastor Apollo and the entire Kingdom Nation because they are a showcase of one man being restored to the original plan of the Father. They are a specimen of how the earth will be subdued and materially changed when the spirit of obedience in the Father’s sons and daughters are outwardly manifested, affecting their environment.

Exactly within the confines of the Covenant Mountain and Garden of Eden Restored, inside a tiny one-hectare lot, is the place where he was tried in the furnace of trial and affliction for five years. It is where he overcame all things. And it is where the Father Almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ, had finally called out, “Now you are My Son.”

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Apollo Quiboloy
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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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